Ancient Sinope, once capital of the many local administrative systems, was one of the most important coastal cities of the Black Sea and the ancient World. Founded as an Milesian Colony in the Archaic Period, Sinope thrived as an important port in the Classical, Hellenistic, Roman Periods and Late Antiquity.

In order to understand better the character, importance and evolution of this coastal city, as well as revealing its role in the Black Sea in light of the recent evidences, Archaeology Department of the Sinop University took a step in for organizing this International Symposium.

First of its kind for the Sinop University, this symposium will especially focus on the ancient periods of the city and its close surroundings. Sinope and its hinterland will establish the setting for the symposium, where as history of the city, its religious character, architecture, urban and rural organization, productions, epigraphic evidences, trade or politic connections as well as underwater richness will be the main subjects of interest.

Speacialists who work or interested on ancient Sinope are welcomed by Sinop University to share their studies and exchange ideas during the two days schedule of the symposium.